Flowers…in the Arctic

When you think of the Arctic, you don’t think of flowers. You think of snow! Snow, snow, snow and more snow. And yeah, the land is covered by snow from mid-September to, well…I can find snow today, if I look on the land.

The Arctic tundra just on the outskirts of Iqaluit, on April 23, 2020

*MOST* of the land in Iqaluit is free of snow by early June. And by June, we are experiencing close to 24 hour daylight. So, soon after the snow is gone, it doesn’t take long to start to see the earth come alive. Because there is so much daylight, it happens fast. By now, mid-July, some flowers have already bloomed and gone to seed, new flowers are blooming and other green stuff is popping up. By mid-August we should start to see berries. Plants in the Arctic are, well, generally, they are small, and so are the berries, but they are plentiful.

The Arctic tundra just on the outskirts of Iqaluit, Nunavut on July 16, 2020

At first glance, if you look at a photo of the tundra in Iqaluit, you might not see anything that looks like life but I promise you, there are flowers everywhere.
So, come take a walk with me on the Tundra, when I went Facebook Live on July 20, 2020.
I’ll show you some of the beauty, of the Flowers…in the Arctic.

Arctic Poppy
Dwarf Fireweed
Oxytropis campestris
Bog Labrador Tea/Hudson Bay Tea/Arctic Rhododendron
Arctic Avens
Lingonberry Flower
Round-leaved Wintergreen this plant’s wikipedia link has almost no info and doesn’t mention the Canadian North. I might have to learn how to edit a wiki page!
?? I called this Alpine Chickweed, but it’s not. New search needs to happen.
Moss Campion
Lapland Lousewort
Mossy Saxifraga

Other Videos about Flower in the Arctic:
The Greenhouse Club in Iqaluit, NU

Arctic Willow Trees and Flowers- Nunavut, Canada

Gardening in the Arctic, In Norway


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