Welcome to…in the Arctic.

“It was Arctic cold and everyone had a great time.”

Mary O’Brien

Life, truly is, an adventure. I am a Nova Scotian living in the Canadian Arctic. I have been living here on and off for almost 10 years.
In this blog I will discuss and inform about the oddities that makes living in the Arctic so unique. With return flights from Ottawa to Iqaluit reaching upwards of $3000.00, you can’t just ‘visit’ the North and most Canadians will never see this majestic part of Canada. The #1 reason I live here? The people! Each time I travel back home I am asked soooo many questions and everyone is fascinated by my stories.
I’ve lived in Naujaat, Rankin Inlet, Inuvik and most recently I moved to Iqaluit in 2016 with two tweens and our dog in tow. Our intention was to have a 10 month adventure and then to return to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island where we had been living for 13 years. But, we are still in Iqaluit, almost 4 years later. Those tweens are now teens and we have added a cat to the family!
Read my blog and let me show you some of my life…in the Arctic.

Celebrating Nunavut Day…in the Arctic. Nunavut Day is celebrated on July 9! Nunavut is pronounced: Noo-na-voot

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